Confirmation of this choice found approval with the Curé of Ars, St John Mary Vianney, when he said of the new Institute– “the poor little ones, they are saved”.

In this spirit we try:

  • To be contemplatives in action
  • To be “at the service of hope” 
  • To “help in all manner of good”
  • To offer universal loving compassion – crossing barriers and frontiers
  • To live consciously the communion between the living and the dead
  • To foster greater awareness of our relationship with the whole of creation.

The richness of the gift of this spirituality calls us to live reflectively. We try to care for our own growth and development humanly, spiritually, socially and ecologically.  The recent encyclicals from Pope Francis are an invitation to us to live our spirituality and the Helper charism at a deeper level, remembering our responsibility towards our shared humanity on this planet.

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