Celibacy  –  the vow of relatedness

The celibacy we live is the strong foundation for human and spiritual growth: for ourselves; for our community; for those whom we serve; and is the keystone of our relationship with God.

Poverty  –  the vow of stewardship

The placing in common of all that we have and are.  This is the challenge to our community lifestyle where we try to accept one another with our strengths and weaknesses, our richness and our poverty.  An expression of this vow is our lived interdependence with all creation in this world.

Obedience – the vow of partnership

Calls us to discern with a listening heart.  This discernment is the attitude that underpins everything in our lives and helps us engage in the mission together, seeking the will of God in every event.  The way we take part in the process of making decisions; collaborating and carrying out decisions; develops the co-responsibility of each person.

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