The love of Jesus Christ gathers us together.  Sent by the Father, Jesus Christ summons us to follow him in participating in his mission.

Constitutions 15

Today our communities are generally small and may involve Sisters living alone, meeting together regularly with those close by for prayer, sharing of life, and social enjoyment.

As Jesus Christ called and gathered his disciples, so too, Eugenie Smet was called to create a place, a space, a community for the gathering of the first Helpers. The spirit of this first community continues today as we try to discern what is being asked of us. This is the place where, together, we analyse the calls we receive in order to be faithful to the founding intuitions and living Helper charism.

Jesus sent his followers out to minister and proclaim his message, so too, we as Helpers, are gathered to live in community. It is in this shared space that we are supported to be able to go out and share in His mission. Our community life is rooted in the invitation to follow Christ and to share our Helper charism in whatever area of mission we find ourselves involved in.

The community is the place where together we search for God’s will

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