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The story begins with…

Eugénie Smet (Mary of Providence) a woman of the 19th century, a woman of the world and church of her times. While touched at an early age by thoughts of the Holy Souls, a popular devotions of that time, she was very aware of God’s love and care for all people.

This she expressed through practical apostolic activity in her belief that there is no frontier to love and that even the most forgotten are loved by God. For her trust in the providence of God was all in all. 

Who are the Holy Souls for us? They are the deceased yes, but like Eugénie Smet we too find them in our lives. Like her we too try to find the bonds uniting us to the living and the dead.

Through our life and work we open out to all people, especially those who are forgotten, those who suffer, accompanying them right through to the final meeting with God. 

She desired that her entire life and that of her Institute be dedicated totally to the service of the most abandoned of this world and the next...

Constitution no. 5

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